First thoughts

With things quickly changing in my world, I am doing a mad dash scramble to figure it all out. Unfortunately … it is literally just that .. A scramble. Finishing college with my associates was a major milestone for not only me, but my family as well. We had/have no college graduates as of yet. I was the first one. I refused to walk with just my associates however, I would rather walk and go all out for my bachelors.

With all the changes, my career direction has changed as well. I decided that it was time for me to follow my dreams. I have chased after them lightly before, only to be detoured by life and her amusing AND not so amusing road blocks. Now, with a child to wow and dazzle.. road blocks or not I must power through.

When you have a lot of interests you can have problems picking a career path, when you have a lot of DIE-HARD loves.. expect that path to get harder.

I am currently applying to a Media program in which, if accepted I will be studying film production. Now here is the twist – at the same time, I will be going to another school to study digital design. I mean if you already know it – why not get your degree in it. I have done two schools at once before, it was tough but I survived. Not sure how I will handle with two schools, a full time job, and a baby.

I’m not going to complain.. I want what I want.. and what I want is to be able to give my son everything he needs AND wants. To be able to afford the things that I want to do or buy without worrying about a budget. I have been trying to find my momentum, I lost it again – not sure where. However, once I find it.. I will be off and running again.


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