You are more like your parents than you care to admit.

Ms. Ronnie Spector – Ok this is cute big hair *gags* oh crap did I just say that.. oh god!

We have all heard this and shuttered at the thought. Especially when we look through old photos of big hair, double knit paints, wide bell bottoms, ultra nut-choking shorts,


shaggy hair, over applied make-up.. OMG.. THE HORROR *SCREAMS!*

*calms herself*

The truth of the matter is… it’s true. While our sense of style may not be exactly the same, it does shoulder some extreme similarities.  Be it fashion repeating itself, or bad fashion choices repeating themselves due to excessive color blindness and an extreme Methamphetamine overdose.  There will be a moment where something in your closet matches something your parents donned and adorned many years ago.

However, it isn’t just fashion. Fashion is just usually the most noticeable.  Take a look at your life – while there are different pieces … they connect.  For example, while I did not do it in “order” – I have literally followed my mother’s career path with the exception of the fashion industry. I am not quite ready to go there yet; however my enrolling into film school might be my stories’ version of “Fashion School”. If it is or isn’t, it is something that I will do that more than likely my children may do, or do their own version subconsciously.

Following me?

So that annoying sound that your dad makes when he sneezes.. 9 times out of 10 you make a new updated version of it. Grossed out yet? Well what if I told you that those ghastly snorts your mom makes every time she laughs at something incredibly funny…. Yeah you got those too, just a upgrade. Could be worse, could be better, and pay attention when you laugh and sneeze and see for yourself.

I often think that this constant revolving and evolving is as close to seeing centuries of evolution condensed.  I mean we will never see animals evolve in their own habitats because that takes millions of years. The elephants didn’t grow longer trunks overnight; neither did the giraffes, so I am sure human didn’t stop dragging their knuckles upon the ground as quickly either.  The only way to see that type of rapid evolution is to have off-spring, otherwise.. You will have to read about it.

In closing, you may have an IDEA of who you are, or who your parents are as a person/people, but do you really know the whole truth? Look inside yourself and look hard.. you will be surprised who you find lurking in the shadows.


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