Observing the masses

I see you... but trust me.. you will not see me.

I see you… but trust me.. you will not see me.

I am one that finds it important to watch, wait, listen, and plan. It isn’t because I have read the art of war 23 times, no… Has nothing to do with that. It isn’t because I love being mysterious and just an all-around kick ass strategist, no matter the forum.  Absolutely absurd.  It’s because the masses often create their own panic, and pandemonium. I’d rather not get trampled.

The way to avoid being trampled is to watch the behavior and anticipate when, where and if they will change direction. If you can stay at least 4 moves ahead of the crowd, you have a good chance to survive it.  I have always been the one who would rather watch everyone have “fun” rather than join in. What people didn’t realize, is what they consider fun.. 90%  of the time – I consider it low brow, classless, idiocy- among other things.  I set my standards high and then watch the world struggle to meet them, NOW THAT’S COMEDY.

Anyway, it is this distance that has let me see in the heart of many matters, great and small. It has also caused me to grow weary of the human species.  My annoyance stems from the inability to process large bits of information, or the ability to think independently of other. Now again these words do not reflect everyone, there are some pretty cool people out here, but I am speaking of the big, clunky, noisy, short sighted and tempered, arrogant but completely clueless, overly opinionated, and equally spoiled people.  The ones who do not know what it means to be gracious, who say things purely without thinking & Those who believe having over a 1000+ followers on any social media site makes you a celebrity.

To them, I reserve my right to comment and sit with eyes shifted upon this sort of social experiment that they are playing out for me..  The things I learn are astounding. Just the mere interaction alone speaks volumes about each subject. Some subjects are truthfully social, while others are social with an agenda. Does this mean that they can’t be nice? No, does not mean that at all, HOWEVER.. I would most certainly keep an  eye on them until I am sure that isn’t what this is lol.

What do you learn when you observe?


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