After Earth isn’t too far fetched..

Contrary to popular belief, the world we live in has completely become a predatory ground. Much in the theme of AFTER EARTH. However, the predators are other humans.
They have no reasons in a lot of cases for their behaviors, they just have evolved into these mindless , disgusting, angry, shady beings. We can try to justify cycles, and childhood trauma, using that to state this is why they are this way…. In some cases it’s true and in some cases it’s a load of crap. Then there are some that evolved a different way. They came from a bunch of these creatures and evolved into a decent human being. The question is do you know what side of the coin you are on? Do you know what you have evolved into? I am starting to see my own, unfortunately.. it’s a on the fence observation. Only time will tell. I will always be a work in progress, even on my death bed. No matter how ridiculous that sounds to you, I know it’s true. I came to accept it many years ago. As long as I have the cognitive function to learn and the desire with it… I will continue to grow my mind, body and soul. I will pass my learnings to my son, so he can pass it to future generations. It may be old person foolishness by then, but at least they can see the foundations of life and the process of growth.


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