Doesn’t that phrase kill you every time you hear it? I know it kills me every single time someone drops it into the conversation. The reason it kills me is that I know there is about to be some horrendous, erroneous, moronic bullshit following that statement. It absolutely never fails. If it isn’t following that statement, it came just before that statement.

Examples? Ha!! Always…


Guy: So I told dude, I’m broke. How am I going to pay you when I can barely afford myself and these bottles I pop in the club.  I’m Just saying …

Me: *Blank ass stare*


Girl:  I told the cop that I didn’t care if he was popo. I am a boss b!tch you heard me. I can do as I please ain’t no one going to stop me. Not even God.  I’m Just saying, folks, got me twisted.

Me: *Really Blank stare*

I am not sure if  “I’m Just saying” supposed to justify anything or it is meant to convince the listener that these your honest, unfiltered feelings. In either event, it can become a slush of ignorance with a twist of disgust after you hear it enough.

I am sure there are more, but this one just hit me. I had to share it.


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