Stupidity … Oh god.. Someone HELP!

Make it stop… please…

As of lately I have been very enraged against those that I truly feel are idiots. Not the type of enraged that may make a good laugh. Nooo. More like the enraged that makes you question how these people even managed to be born let alone make it to adulthood. The kind of enrage that makes you want to CHOKE SOMEONE!

I have tried to make sense of purposeful ignorance, however… I have gotten nowhere. It has gotten to me so badly that I try to avoid my social media timelines. People that I used to really have a high respect for are now folks that are being un-followed, blocked or both.

It is messed up. I am aware of that, but there comes a time where you have to stop demeaning yourself and keeping company that does not better you. Therefore, if I feel my IQ dropping with ever conversation we have we are going to part. I am sorry but your stupidity is physically hurting me.

What is it about ignorance that suddenly becomes so fashionable? Can someone tell me that?  Some issues that I have experienced are mere common sense and context clues. Yet, no one is using either. Others believe they are too  (insert obnoxious adjective here) to be bothered with the little details. The finally the remains believe that it is cute to make themselves look like jack asses.

I truly don’t get it. The only things you have in this world are your word, your soul, and your image. People will try to corrupt your word and make you a liar, others will try to change or steal your soul, and the rest well. They will live to destroy your image. SO WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM AMMO? They aren’t hating on you dimwit if you said it about yourself and they are just repeating it. They aren’t wrong if they see all you do is complain, talk about folks on your social media feeds, whine about how life isn’t fair, or beg for money. Also hash tagging every moronic thing you do with #dontjudgeme or #YOLO  is no longer funny; it’s the start of an effed up joke.  A really effed up one and you are the punch line. Just thought I should point that out. When Sears is using YOLO in there commercials this would conclude its time to retire it.

Also starting a phrase with “Not for nothing, but”  or “No disrespect” is a passive aggressive tempt at being a asshole. Sorry, it had to be said. If you gotta flag it , you purposely said it.  Just grow some balls and deal with the repercussions. At least you would have more respect from everyone than what you have now.


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