I can see your Charades

I can see your Charades

I am listening to Charades by Chrisette Michelle while doing some deep thinking. Since when did it become cool to play games with the person who loves you? Now I mean games that keep the romance great! Nevertheless, I am talking about the emotional games, the mind games. When did this become par for the course?

It seems everywhere I turn nowadays, someone is being hurt by this widely accepted practice. Some people hurt beyond repair. Reputations destroyed, confidence obliterated and life in shambles upon a crap-covered hill. Explain to me how this fair is? Now I can say that I’ve never played games. We actually discussed this on “No Tea, No Shade”; I stated that I could fraternize with you even though we are done if I have a good time with you. Not talking about sex, and I am not speaking about you paying for me either. I am saying that we actually go out and have fun. We laugh till we can’t stop, our stomachs hurt from consistent laughter, and we have tears streaming type of a real time. I value those moments. However, once they are over… you go your way, and I run mines. I make that very clear before we even go anywhere. However, my co-hosts felt that was being phony. I went on to explain how is it phony if I like to have fun and I know I can have fun with this person. That is why I am going. If we act appropriately and respect the line that has been drawn – it is just real.

I know the dating pool is a mess; it was crap when I left it. I am aware that the competition – Mentally and financially is strenuous. I get it. However, when is enough, enough. When do you stop, pause, regroup, and change up your hand? Are people destined to do this tricky and exclusive game of cat and mouse or in some cases shark and prey?

Something to think about.


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