My Open Letter To Mayor Bloomberg..

Dear soon to be Mayor Bloomberg,

Please have a seat and mind your own house. I understand that the Mayor is a leader and must somewhat Shepard his flock; you are doing way too much.  You have spent the last of your term wasting the tax payers money cracking down on sugary drinks, tanning beds and goodness knows what else.. However there are over 30,000 plus people in your homeless shelters.  A good 1/3 of them are from your own personal decision to abolish the programs that they were on that gave them a home of their own.

Stop worrying about what’s in my cup!  Worry about the people who are lying in the cold and panhandling up and down 7th avenue. You need to pull it together about the real issues, but wait.. you aren’t going to. You sit in your office counting down the days until you can run free, thinking up all sorts of idiotic and moronic ways to infringe on other’s rights and waste more money that could be helping the people.

You were never the exception, you were the reason they made the rules.  Good riddance to you and your shoddy work.


See you later


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