Goal Spotting…

Ok, so I found myself deciding to set some new goals for myself.  Yeah..  I still haven’t figured out alot but I have something.  They keep changing.  Ideas and Ideals are always something to ponder over when you have a moment alone.  Looking at your life from different perspectives and clean eyes. Trying to figure out exactly where you want to go, how to get there and once you get there –  IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANTED?

I also have found that It will require a great deal of patience to make these things happen.  I am not exactly fond of waiting but what can you do, right? I am not afraid to lay my cards on the table.

My goals for this year:

  • Loose some weight.  I lost a lot before I got pregnant with my son, and snapped right back to shape after him. I was great! Then I stopped breast feeding and all holy hell broke loose.
  • Become more active – even though I hate people. OH GOD, I HATE PEOPLE.  However, in order to move forward and set a better example for my child – I am braving the world.
  • Continue to be open to new things.
  • Continue feeding my creative drive.
  • Finish my books. I have had a book that I have been in rewrites for since  2002,  another in final draft but needs editing since  2008 and one i started writing last year and dropped off. I need to close these projects.
  • Start writing my screen plays  ( Sound so Hollywood, but hey why not)
  • Submit a painting to a art show and run like mad .  ( I can’t watch – seriously.)
  • Make sure I keep up my grade point average in school despite these other things.
  • Make every minute and memory count with my family. ( Sometimes its hard to pull off – but I think it can be done)
  • Learn to relax … Yeah.. This is pushing it lol!
  • Avoid people who carry negativity with them. (Easier said than done)
  • Teach myself one new thing a day

Let’s see how many of these I can accomplish by the time we reach 2015


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