Huh? What? Wait?



Thank you.

Is it me or has the world gone nuts? I mean seriously please think about it. The stories that are circulating on the news are horrible enough, then you have people creating their own “News” on the internet that is WORSE!  I have scratched my head on several occasions trying to figure out if I missed a memo. Honestly, I am still scratching my head asking myself that.

I can see this happening..

I can see this happening..

We now live in the world where the abnormal is normal and the Normal is now abnormal. Talk about your major clusterf*ck.  It’s opposite land.  I try to go into things with a open mind now, but sometimes – there is no amount of  anything that can explain the things that are going on now. I mean the weather for instance. That alone is  a Clusterf*ck of epic proportions.

But, to stay on point.. It is actually quite frightening because of the fact that it seems no one is actually clear on how the changes started, where they started, and how we can fix it. The world is basically running in a unified group, made of small groups that hate each other – toward the same wall…  AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY?!  Are we kidding?


Ok.  *Sigh*

I am not sure if it is the spread of miscommunication, misinformation, or plain ol ignorance and the desire for such. Then why is everyone so damn angry?  I mean while I get things are bad for just about everyone right now – WHAT THE HELL MAN? How many times are we going to write it off as “mental illness” before we start checking into what is really driving people to their breaking points? Are we purposefully neglecting people right to just snap because they have had enough of the drama?  Or is everyone (except those prescribing the meds) gone in the brain?

I think the country, the world actually is just tired.  Tired of being told what they can and can’t do, being tired of held hostage by someone else’s rules and regulations that are outdated and not exactly user friendly. Tired of listening to everyone else’s and not being able to make a choice on their own.  ( Sounds a lot like being a teenager and peer pressure but I am sure you get the point LOL!). I will continue to observe from my window of the world and try to figure out what this is all about and pray I don’t hear ..

I so expect to hear this and when we do.. OH MAN .. Its a wrap

I so expect to hear this and when we do.. OH MAN .. Its a wrap


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