A little too much?

I have become a writer and as such I am constantly working on my communication with those around me. Sometimes its through my sorted life tales that come

out like a comedy special and other times it is just being upfront and blunt about how I feel trying to be upfront about how I feel. The world ain’t ready for the muzzle to come off. Last time it happen folks almost had a nervous break down. I digress.

I have now become very long winded due to wanting to communicate effectively.  When I get straight to the point… people cringe, but if I fluff it up .. I am doing to much.


While I am not in the business of providing satisfaction to the peanut gallery, sometimes I just don’t say anything. I use the hell out of my “right to remain silent” because if you knew what was going through my brain.. there would be a fight. A BIG ONE.

While being silent doesn’t always resolve a issue, it does allow for the real truth to come out. It isn’t a 100% fool proof plan, but I plan not to be the fool.


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