Judge or Be Judged….

Slowly,  we as a whole have become very judgemental about everything. From how people wear their hair, to how they speak and act. It’s insane. I TRY to keep a open mind but I do find myself sometimes being a little judgie.


I often have to reel myself back and look at the bigger picture. It doesn’t always work because somethings are just not a good look -no matter how you dress it.

I am not sure if over the years the world has gotten meaner, the problems of the world have made people more sensitive or its a combination of both.

However, in order to see change; must first make one. Again, no easy task. Especially once life has had it’s way with us and forced us into our own personal exile by creating a bubble to live in. A bubble we often believe for some reason is completely indestructible.


So we set up life, in this bubble, letting in who we deem worthy and sometimes it works right at the gate! Then, there are other times where it doesn’t work and you are now trapped in your own personal hell with someone you would like to hang from a building by their ankles. This applies to friends, friends of friends,  boyfriends,  girlfriends even a spouse.

So you are left with the question of “Do I break the bubble and leave myself vulnerable until I can hop in the next one?” Or ” Do I just deal with this because it could be worse?” I, thought,  in the stupidity of my youth both responses were valid depending on circumstances and the individual.  I soon learned that this was not true, unless you like the annoyance.  In additon, I also thought just staying in my bubble without interaction was also a option.

Now,  I know better. The world is going to be there  no matter if I am in the bubble, out the bubble or simply standing there bubble free.  So rather than doing all this relocation,  why not just accept it as it comes. There will always be someone there to with criticism.  Judging you, as well as everything about you.  Take it with a grain of salt and handle your self accordingly.  You will feel better after you have. But keep that feeling in mind. It will make you think thrice before judging.


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