Everything is a process

How many times have you looked in the mirror and whined, complained and griped about life? Do not even sit there and try to deny it. The truth is we have all done it. Intentional or not we have all done it.

Sometimes things are not going the way you hoped or sometimes things are going to hell in a hand basket covered in gasoline with a match stuck to it’s side.  It happens,  even to those who would deem themselves the best of us. It is how you handle it that makes the difference. 


Now me personally,  I have the “Flip completely the f*ck out” method.  However after that portion – there is a process that comes shortly after.  A process of acknowledgment, understanding,  acceptance and correction.

The initial reaction is a form of expulsion for me. It rids me of extra energy, negativity and rage. It may not be the preferred method but for me it works. It allows me to detox my soul and run it pure similarly to low burning lava during a volcanic eruption purifies the ground it runs on. Sure there is devastation – however when rebuilding begins the area is clean. The soil is richer which means stronger plants will grow and the ground in some spots have become harder – this fills the holes in the foundation. 

The second step in this process is harder A HELL OF A LOT HARDER. Acknowledgment. Acknowledging your emotions can almost be as hard as trying to understand stupid people. It’s one of those things like ogres and onions ( oh! And cakes) have several layers that you have to meander through until you hit the point.


As you go through your stages of acknowledgment; your position will change over a thousand times. Right to left- down – diagonal… hell you will even feel like you are losing your mind or having a losing battle with life. However once you are finally finished – you will feel less wobbly on your position.

This leads to the next phase – UNDERSTANDING! Everything will become clear.. no more second guessing!


Now you find yourself on the door step of acceptance.  You are now back into a vulnerable space.  (Is this ride over yet?!!!) Now depending on the situation it can take minutes, days, months, years,  decades.. it all depends on your ability to process.

Yes, I accept and No, I don’t accept both lead to correction. However their processes vary depending on what box you checked.

This is my process,  its evolved over the years.  Before it was just Flip out and keep flipping until I ran face first into my own fist. Tragic and funny all at the same time.  Vast difference from where I am today. 

Now granted it isn’t always easy, but taking control and fixing it surely beats the hell out of driving yourself crazy about it. Life may not deal you a controllable set of options and circumstances, but it does allow you to make tweaks, modifications and upgrades at random intervals.  Use them! Hell, abuse them – but never think you don’t have them.


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