The Moral Compass of Making Love versus Sex for Sport


The Neighborhood

{press play}

Sex without love is a meaningless experience,
but as far as meaningless experiences go
its pretty damn good.
– Woody Allen

artsex Man by Toren Michaels In the Mind of Madness

The loving couple jumped the broom, turned and faced their guests and were soon pronounced husband and wife (and where same sex unions are legal and recognized, an identical ritual applies). They laughed among friends and cried in the embrace of their family. Today was the happiest day of their life and the first day that they would spend the rest of eternity together. They were toasted by the best man and maid of honor, they danced together under the spotlight and when he carried her off, they made love under the moonlight.

Years later, they had still loved only one another, but to keep the flame alive, they began games of role play underneath the covers. She…

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