If nothing else matters… what you feel should

Deep shit right?  However, I have come to find Everything else matters but that. The latest celeb gossip,  the newest reality show,  how much we spent at target. Like WTFFFFFFF!

Has the world become so lost with in the microcosm of bullshit that we forget we are people? We have emotions that may or may not need tending to.

Maybe robotic may work for some, but it doesn’t entirely work for me. I like to know what goes on, what makes the world tick,  & other things. I enjoy learning, while others enjoy dumbing it down. I enjoy growing, while others would rather decay. It’s tiring just trying to have a conversation without something mundane becoming a factor in it.


It’s to the point I do more texting than speaking. Strangely enough, those are the best conversations I have now. People seem to be more comfortable to talk via text or email than to your face. Odd as hell, but when you remove the human element in conversation now… people seem to suddenly wanna be human.

They wanna share, they wanna know, they wanna have long philosophical discussions about past loves and new idea.  They want to express interest, love or sometimes real hate so you can see it. Like your avoiding, my phone calls or just avoiding me didn’t say

fuck you

hard enough. NOW.. YOU HAVE IT IN WRITING.  Maybe it’s my aging that gives me real angst among the machines and modern marvels.



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