Harley & Me

2015-04-25 19.15.01Over the past couple of months, my love of a particular comic character has gone into overdrive. Now like all people I tend to love characters that I can relate to. However, my ability to relate to her is because we lived some of the same experiences. The character that I speak of is Harley Quinn. Now for those who may not know who she is, I can give you some background, but you need to do your own footwork after that. (LOL) The character first made its appearance on Fox’s Batman: The Animated Series as a female off chute (and henchwoman) of the Joker. However, in certain circles, her popularity grew. She eventually became her own evolved character.

However, her zany antics, nasally voice, and unwavering love for a dude who is just as insane as he is evil. Wasn’t my only connection to her. Her back-story was the next vibe. A woman who is the top of her game and finds someone that she shouldn’t be attracted to, but yet finds her self either going insane or suffering from some mutated version of Stockholm syndrome and eventually turns her back on everything and just does her. BEEN THERE TOO!!!

I saw plenty of girls who adored Harley but were not exactly comfortable with the fact that Harley was primarily a villain if we had to put a classification on it. However, she didn’t start out that way. Love, a man, and lemony schnickets series of fucked up and ridiculous events changed her whole perspective on the world. Now there were some times where despite her new found lot in life she was still dedicated to what was “right.” Then there were times doing what was right was just as insane as she was so it didn’t matter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.31.50 AM

Again. All. Me.

I used to desperately try to be the hero. Only to find that sometimes it wasn’t in the story for me to be the hero but the villain. That would go all through me. It would tear me up completely. Until I realized, you are always going to be a bad guy in someone’s story. Everyone does not play on the same side of the line. That is just the way humanity works, especially in today’s narcissist society.

Now I play the part I need to play, and I play it damn well. So believe if I am the antagonist in your story. You will learn to hate me. If I played the protagonist, you would learn to love me. If I play comic relief, you better wear depends because I will make you pee yourself. Nevertheless, in the end, you will never say that I did a half ass job in my role when it comes to you. Believe it! 😉


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