Sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired”

eyeore dramaWe have all been there…. Drama this way, BS that way.. It’s to the left of you, the right of you. You feel like you are in a game of connect four with your life. You are either riding high, or riding low. You are riding with a crew or you are riding solo. You have given it all you got, captin.. you can’t give it no more…

hqdefaultYou eventually become so detached from everything and everyone that you can barely tell if you are coming or going. It becomes an ongoing moment of perpetual and annoying series of clusterf*cks . Trust me – I get it.. I get it much more than you realize. The reason I get it is that WE ALL and I mean all go through it. These elements are what shape us into the people we are or will be down the road. Some would call it a test of true character; others would call it a streak of bad luck. I call it the road of life. We all get blows to the gut, some stronger and more vengeful than others. It can sometimes knock your world completely off its axis and send it spinning into orbit so far that you do not believe you will recover. It can have you so completely thrown off that you don’t believe it is happening and you are lost in the surreal space of it all. Again, I get it.

Dr-Seuss-inspirational-quotes_(14)_largeOnce you have come to grips with the space you find yourself in… what exactly do you do with that information? You clearly don’t have the answer, because if you did you wouldn’t be here, Right? WRONG! Again, it is a factor of life. Life is never clear, nor is it fair. Sometimes life can be a spiteful, evil, vengeful, vindictive, bitter, apathetic, arrogant b*tch to say the least. How you handle that b*tch is what makes all the difference.

The first groups of people go into denial and try to live as nothing is wrong. Usually these folks snap half way through the first leg of their journey.

The second groups of people usually show public compliance (or conformity) but not private acceptance. These people skate along until they see a chance to safely rebel anonymously.

The third set are people who just refuse and refute from day one. They will not go down without a fight – even when there really isn’t a fight to be had. They cannot go with the flow, they have to swim against the tide (ALWAYS! Think Brian from Family Guy and the Rush Limbaugh episode).

The final set are people who are “sick and tired” or being “Sick and Tired” and decide that maybe it’s time to take some risks, make some changes, adjust some attitudes, settle some scores, tell some truths, accept some truths, make some apologies, and many other alterations of their current position.

hell_iconThe fourth group is who this blog is for. The fourth group is the only group we have all been in at one point and time. No matter where or when it has been in your life, you have been there in some facet. Be it your family, your work, your friends, your love life, or  a combination of all points. You have stopped and said to yourself. I AM TIRED OF THIS! I AM SICK OF THIS! SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE!

The funny thing about the fourth group is, the change that is often made by the fourth group causes them to join one of the first three group as their end game. They go into denial about it the change, they publicly comply while not fully agreeing or they fight until they’ve won. Amazing isn’t it? Very rarely does someone of the fourth group avoid being absorbed into one of the first 3 groups. The ones that do are the ones who have processed, accessed, corrected, and pushed past. Take a look at where you are now, and see which one you are.. You may be surprised on where the dice lands, but know everyone goes through it and eventually you make it out of the fourth group at some point – but you have to be basically Sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired”.


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