Compromised Intellegence

i-am-a-manI sit quietly in my home scanning through tomorrow’s content and feel this strong urge to purge. I start, then stop, start, then stop… feeling voiceless and frustrated. I could scream for a 1,000 years and make all the noise in the world. Stop traffic, become violent, scream obscenities, destroy property, play by the rules, do what is required, stay within the lines and still get the same result. This is because the audience you are so desperately trying to reach is apathetic and deaf. Deaf to your words, your pleas, your trials, your trauma, your success, your failures, your highs and your lows. The danger of these types of audiences is that if the audience’s mind is made up, your efforts are less than futile.

This exact experience is what I am seeing on both sides of the protests. Those who say “be peaceful” and those who say “destroy everything.” They are fighting a deaf & apathetic audience. This means there is a need of a new plan. A new course of action that gets the point across, preserves life, and does not perpetuate the already embedded stereotypes of the past.

german-shepherd3The question then becomes “How”? How can you make someone hear you that can’t hear and does not care that they can’t hear? How can you make some one feel that does not want to? Persistence can eventually be a nuisance not a benefit. People begin to learn your pattern and adjust theirs to either meet or avoid your presence. I am not sure if either side is realizing this. I am not sure if it is being realized that either presentation isn’t working, nor is it helping. I am not sure if they realize their playbook has been shown to the opposing team and they now know every move, they make no matter how careful they have been. What do you do if someone knows your plays? YOU CREATE NEW ONES OR SWITCH THEM UP IF YOU CANNOT. Not systematically, continue to do the same thing and then blame everyone else for your lack of tactical knowledge and planning.

I stop thinking long enough to skim my timeline on Facebook and shake my head at the feeds that are force fed into my timeline because Facebook feels the need to tell everyone’s waking movements. I find myself almost in a full fledged panic attack. So much, anger, so much hate, so much venom from both sides of the table. The oppressors and the oppressed both boiling over with their hate and this is just in a digital space. Of course it isn’t surprising that in a physical space sparks will fly, words will exchange and no one will have won.

Neither side feels they are wrong, neither side willing to concede, both sides filled with foolish pride and empty assumptions. It becomes so much and so potent that even in its digital form it could choke you. (Henceforth my inability to steady my nerves or breathe)

I say in closing.. The goal doesn’t need to change but the plan of action does. Peaceful or violent still hasn’t gotten us any where. We are still under the gun – figuratively and literally. Either we find new plays or commit to this cycle for as long as this planet spins.


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