Emotionally Tectonic



A long time ago, I discovered emotional tiers and vibrations. Now for those who don’t know what I am talking about – I will give a short break down of both.

Emotional Tiers: Placement of a person’s position in your life based solely on your emotional compatibility.

1st Tiers are usually your immediate connections: family, first friends and first life milestone mates (first kiss, first date, etc. , usually). 2nd Tiegenerally those who filter into your life after you become about 10 Yrs of age up until you reach about 29. This is when the tiers begin to shift, due to changes in your way of thinking and feeling. You may not see another tier change for the rest of your life, or you may find that you have one every 5 to 10 years after that. Tiers always shift due to an extreme change in the dynamic. This shift is usually to the polar opposite of its first position. Therefore, if they were an enemy, they become a love and vice versa. Those closest to the top (or first tier) are the ones that are your most focal point in your life. You’re comfort zone if you will.Slide1

Emotional Frequency: We all vibrate on frequency. However, what most don’t realize is we have three (and sometimes more) frequencies going on at one time. This is also known as the energy we exude. However, often what happens is that those with like energies or frequencies often pair up and those with different frequencies often fight. Then you have the middle ground of people who feed off both the energies (positive and negative).

Now with that being clearly established

This post is for the ladies…. However, there may be a fella or two that can relate. Feel free to comment.

I had been listening to Heather Headley’s “In my mind”; and I have to say it officially comes off somewhat insane. She sounds like a chick who got dumped and is totally obsessed. However, to those of us who have met our actual frequency match, It no longer sounds like she needs to be committed.

I met my frequency match many years ago. Had no clue that I had met him. What I did know was that we clicked instantly and I put him into my emotional tier system. I figured our “groove” was more of a happen stance because we liked the same things. Many years later after, having such a jolting life change  & shifting his position in my tier system, I realize it. I admit it, but I do not accept it.


I do not accept it because I was emitting a lower frequency when we met. My frequency now and his are in no way compatible. Nevertheless, it is still in my system, and I think about it from time to time. The “AHA” moment is that my frequency is still vibrating him as well. Therefore, it truly is possible to develop a sense of emotional telepathy with a person because when I vibrate on the right frequency he the universe offers a pairing and when he vibrates on my frequency again the universe offers a pairing.

missing_each_other_by_alitablondegothThink of all the times a friend or romantic partner called right after you had started to miss them or think about them. Another instance, you go somewhere that you and a friend or romantic partner used to go and you end up bumping into each other, and you were literally just talking about them the night, day, or week before. That is because your frequencies lead you to each other. That is the universe saying, “You requested their presence, I granted you an audience.

Trust me it is the freakiest thing known to man. However, it is also the most emotional. Especially if the damage done to the tier placement can’t be fixed. That pain will walk with you for the rest of your days. It doesn’t go away, it just gets easier to cope with. However, as you age, excel, and elevate you will start to find a way to either break the frequency completely or accept the existence of it and try to fix the tier placement (aka reconcile). Sometimes it could work, and sometimes it doesn’t.


In closing, beware of the frequency you omit and the tiers you have.. you can attract the wrong one with the right one. Also, Be aware of you and the frequencies coming at you.. some frequencies are chopped and screwed.


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