Can we just be REAL about it?

db6I think the funniest thing I have seen is someone who can’t own up to their feelings or lack of. So they do things like make themselves, unavailable by avoiding phone calls and text.. all in hopes that the other person would get the hint. It is called “Ghosting.” It is something that I can’t say I have never been subject to.

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Emotionally Tectonic



A long time ago, I discovered emotional tiers and vibrations. Now for those who don’t know what I am talking about – I will give a short break down of both.

Emotional Tiers: Placement of a person’s position in your life based solely on your emotional compatibility.

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Compromised Intellegence

i-am-a-manI sit quietly in my home scanning through tomorrow’s content and feel this strong urge to purge. I start, then stop, start, then stop… feeling voiceless and frustrated. I could scream for a 1,000 years and make all the noise in the world. Stop traffic, become violent, scream obscenities, destroy property, play by the rules, do what is required, stay within the lines and still get the same result. Continue reading

I got it wrong..


I have always been seen as the know-it-all type. The brainy smurf of multiple encounters & the truth is I didn’t care. It wasn’t until about two years ago, that I realized that flexing your intelligence – simply because you can … can create a bunch of hardships and hard feelings that you were never expecting or prepared for.

I know, I know, I didn’t learn from Brainy smurf getting punted out the village on every episode. I should’ve, but I got it wrong. As time progressed, I started to grow weary of being punted at a moments notice. I got tired of not being appreciated for the valued information I was giving. It caused me to do something that is hard for me to do. SHUT THE HELL UP!

It was then that I actually got the real lessons, the real meat, and potatoes of the human experience. It caused me to change my approach not only to life and the rest of the people I find myself here with, but also my approach on how I address the rest of my life.

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Turning my back and opening my eyes

Accept the worldIt has been a minute since I came on this side of things and decided to have a chat with the world. Mainly due to time, and complete writers block. I used to love writing, I remember being all of 13 writing stories that fit the era of the world I was living in. However, as I grew older my writing slowly became a vehicle of not only my imagination, but also my frustration.

As time faded like pictures, it stopped being about my imagination and purely about my frustration.

Eventually, I found myself despising the very thing I loved. I would open up word and have a ton of great ideas only to have no desire to put them to paper. They would solely be locked up inside of me.

I tried to get back into the swing of things once the importance of blogs surfaced. Tried to monetize it, you know, let that be my motivation to post. I failed at that miserably. Now I am taking it back. Taking it back to be the point of my imagination, instead of my frustrations.

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Dammit! I care more (about the right things) than you do.

Everything about this.. is a big 10-4 for me. She summed it up better than my words can ever say.

word of a woman

Cecil_the_lion_in__3388298b1It seems lately I am not allowed to care about anything without someone saying I care about the wrong thing or that I must also make it clear that I care about something else more.

I am not allowed to care about the death of Cecil the lion unless I have already made it clear that I care more about aborted babies or police brutality or the death penalty.

Some don’t want me to say that #blacklivesmatter unless I also say #alllivesmatter.

We are not supposed to celebrate Caitlyn Jenner’s courage because soldiers (or someone else) are more courageous.

Etc., etc., ad nauseam.

How is it that all of a sudden compassion, caring and courage have all become competitive sports? Something to be won at the expense of others? Has it come to this? Are all our best qualities now just another thing to use against one another? Is empathy…

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