Harley & Me

2015-04-25 19.15.01Over the past couple of months, my love of a particular comic character has gone into overdrive. Now like all people I tend to love characters that I can relate to. However, my ability to relate to her is because we lived some of the same experiences. The character that I speak of is Harley Quinn. Now for those who may not know who she is, I can give you some background but you need to do your own footwork after that. (LOL) The character first made it’s appearance on Fox’s Batman: The Animated Series as a female off chute (and henchwoman) of the Joker. However, in certain circles her popularity grew. She eventually became her own evolved character.

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SmilesNo one likes changes. I am included in that no one. We foolishly squander and plant in our brains that we are never going to change. Never going to age, never going to think differently. It wasn’t until my life really started to developed that I realized I was completely wrong.

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If nothing else matters… what you feel should

Deep shit right?  However, I have come to find Everything else matters but that. The latest celeb gossip,  the newest reality show,  how much we spent at target. Like WTFFFFFFF!

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Owning our personal truths

I used to seriously sit in a house on denial lane and believe ( or at least try to) that my brain was just over processing. I was just a tadbit irrational or overly emotional. Instead of facing the truth that was. I picked the wrong people. No matter which direction I threw that card. I picked the wrong friends,  picked the wrong men, picked wrong, wrong, wrong.
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Brain cells jumping off a cliff in my brain…

Do you ever turn on the TV, the radio or log into your respective social media sites and ingest about 20 minutes worth of stuff and hear your brain cells committing suicide?

Glad to know I am not the only one.. Oye!  I can hear them too..  Running and jumping while screaming obscenities until they are violently thrust upon the jagged rocks at the bottom.  Why does it happen?  I think it is the overload of complete madness, mixed with idiocy and a dash of people WANTING to be ignorant that does it.  Continue reading

Who are you trying to convince?

We all have seen it.. Self affirmations, and proclamations via social media..

“I love me and it’s ok that you don’t” “I love and respect myself the way I am..”  The list goes on and on and on.  We have all also sat there and thought to ourselves..

Oh god, here we go again..

“Who are you trying to convince?”  This mindset comes from the reality that those who have to usually proclaim something publicly don’t really believe it, they just want you to believe it.  The irony is the arrow isn’t far off the mark.  It is assumed if you admit your flaws, no one can target you for them because it’s public knowledge.

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