Who are you trying to convince?

We all have seen it.. Self affirmations, and proclamations via social media..

“I love me and it’s ok that you don’t” “I love and respect myself the way I am..”  The list goes on and on and on.  We have all also sat there and thought to ourselves..

Oh god, here we go again..

“Who are you trying to convince?”  This mindset comes from the reality that those who have to usually proclaim something publicly don’t really believe it, they just want you to believe it.  The irony is the arrow isn’t far off the mark.  It is assumed if you admit your flaws, no one can target you for them because it’s public knowledge.

I am here to tell you that logic is not only idiotic, it makes you vulnerable for attack because now those who ACTUALLY HATE YOU.. Now have a guided tour of targets to ding your ass in the head with. Yeah, you might have grown a thicker skin about them, but not everyone comes after you or for you the same way.. Which means they just might have a harder punch than your shield can stand.

Those who truly love themselves, don’t have to proclaim it from the highest mountain or every morning through social media channels, just like those who love their lives don’t. However, to keep on saving face, to keep up appearances.. they do. Not realizing they are sending out a silent signal to all those who know better. Who know the behaviors and the movements. Now let’s not get confused. There is loving yourself  as in taking care of yourself and doing what is right for you AND THEN THERE IS LOVING YOURSELF.. THE SKIN YOU ARE IN.

Two totally different beasts my friends.

Close your mouth dear..


They are totally different beasts because one has more to do with your self confidence, self education and self worth, while the other has to do with self preservation ( or survival).

If you love yourself in the self preservation sense – you aren’t going to willingly take chances that risk your life. You aren’t going to do things that may bring you pain physically, mentally or emotionally.

However if you love yourself in the self confidence, self education and self worth sense – you are going to continue doing what  you have to do to be the best be you can be. You aren’t going to be so quick to proclaim it because you are consistently looking for ways to improve it.  You aren’t going to talk ish about anyone else because you immediately think about how far you have come, and how that could have been you. It keeps you humble.

Unfortunately, in today’s word.. this realization is still in the dark. We live in a culture that breeds ignorance and selfishness. That can’t exactly understand how one could be “the ish” and not tell anyone.


Humility is a virtue.. not everyone is blessed with it. (Think I am lying.. log on to twitter for 30 minutes and see don’t you want to punch half the world in the face. ) It’s because there is a competition going on in 85% of the world. Problem is, no one knows what the hell this competition is about. I am talking about outside of bidding for a job or a scholarship or love. I am talking about in just everyday life. Who has the most money, who has the most chicks, who has the most men, who dresses the best, who has the better connections, who is the most (whatever). This forces people to continuously and erroneously place themselves on a mantle for display and/or worship.  It is during this time, they assume their ego fueled right of leadership and/or power.  ( Based on the minds of the weak willed or those who are drowning in their own mental ineptitude. )

Instead of letting there accomplishments or their mere pleasantness speak for them.. they have to be their own hypeman. That to me sounds like a falsehood all it’s own.  If the world wants to know if I love myself.. guess what – I don’t have to tell them. They can just watch me.  Watch me go to the gym, watch me eat right, watch me treat myself every once in a while, watch me work to a higher state of being, watch me run for my goals, watch me support people with actual positive energy, not deep seeded venom that is disguised as such, watch me set a standard for me and those around me and call them on the carpet if they violate it.

I am not screaming from the mountains, I am actually quite silent.  However, my love for myself shines louder and brighter than anything I could say. My actions are my hypeman, my results are my hypeman, my accomplishments are my hypeman.

So, think about it the next time you type out that status message and/or tweet… are you just keeping up appearances and trying to convince the world?


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